Social Responsibility

We believe poverty is the biggest social evil in today’s world. At the tender age when a child should be carrying books to school, underprivileged but deserving children are robbed of their smiles and they are reduced to carrying the responsibilities of raising their family.

Our founder, Sh. Haresh Mehta firmly believes:

  • “Giving back to society is equally important as creating personal wealth”
  • “Education is the best way to fight poverty”
  • “If you educate one child, you educate a whole generation”
In 2001, Sh. Haresh Mehta & Smt. Prassana Mehta, together established HM Charitable Trust. The trust aimsat supporting underprivileged but deserving students, by sponsoring a major part of their education expenses.
We are proud to have sponsored the education of nearly 3309 underprivileged and deserving children, by way of personal contribution of over INR 13 million since 2001.HM Charitable Trust’s contribution hasmade a big difference to the lives of these deserving children from low-income families. The support from HM Charitable trust has provided the children access to education and a better study environment.Sh. Haresh Mehta and Smt. Prasanna Mehta, have been appreciated, recognized & felicitated for their consistent & selfless efforts towards the cause.

The Cause

Education arouses curiosity in child’s mind and creates interest for higher learning. Timely financial assistance is essential for sustainingchild’s interest in education. As we preferred to make efforts to impact the lives of youngsters we chose education.


Achievements & Milestones

Despite Sh. Haresh Mehta’s numerous personal accolades and felicitations for his contributions to the community, the charitable organizations achievements are best measured in the number of children the trust has helped educate. Since its initiation in 2001, the organization has helped provide for the educational needs of over 3000 students, a number that continues to growon a year to year basis. With the recent involvement of Sh. Haresh Mehta’s two sons, the trust is sure to grow at an exponential rate and reach even more needy and deserving students in the upcoming years.



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